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1999 GT auto trans crossover.

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Ok, OMW into class this morning, pulling off from a stoplight i suddenly started clunking fairly rapidly any time is is under throttle at all. it is definitely something in the front final drive. there is still a chance it is a CV but all indications seem to point to the front R&P.


That said I am looking into a replacement transmission and i was wondering if any Phase II 4EAT with a 4.44 FD will work, (i.e. one from a outback). the trans codes are slightly different, but i am not sure what exactly that means.

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are you talking about a 99 GT auto trans car???


99 is a transition year.

96 - 98 outbacks, GTs, foresters will not work.


you will need a phase 2 trans,

00 - 03 outback, gt or forester.

also 99 outback or GT will work.

they all have the correct wiring and the 4.44 ratio.


DO NOT USE legacy L, brighton, or low end imprezas.

they have a 4.11 ratio.

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