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08 Spec B 156k STG 2 w/UEL and EWG

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Event: dyno tune

Location: Dynotech in Seekonk, MA

Ambient Temp: 40*F

Elevation: Sea level

Weather: overcast

Tires: Stock


Car: 2008 LGT Spec B

Tuner: Steve @ Pullz-On Tuning (aka dux10 on forums)

Dyno Info: Mustang

Transmission: Stock 6 speed

Gear: 3rd

Peak HP at RPM: 262

Peak Torque at RPM:327

Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: ~ 225ish

Target Boost: 18psi

Target AFR: 11.3

Fuel: 93 oct

Engine/Power Modifications: DC Sports header, Grimmspeed 44mm EWG with Tial wastegate, Invidia catless divorced downpipe, Gimmick Motorsports 3" cat-back, and hallman Pro mbc

Driveline Modifications: stockness with 155k miles

Suspension Modifications: stockness with 155k miles








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Thanks! Worked on it from 10pm saturday to 5am sunday morning then off to the dyno. Ran out of time but I was planning on installing a FMS FMIC and a Tial Q BOV. Stock clutch doesnt like the TQ though and now slips in 4th-6th. Was expected with 156k on it.
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