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Question about resistors on the board inside P-201UH Radio


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Good Evening!


I've recently attempted to solder an auxiliary jack in-line onto the FM band on the PCB board inside my radio. I am not great at soldering and this project proved to be beyond me. I was able to get everything back together and the result was that I've lost the left channel completely, but the aux-in port works!


Buoyed by the success of having the AUX audio come through, I want to attempt to repair my board and take another crack at getting the wires properly into the right spots. I had so much difficulty soldering to a patch next to one of the resistors that I fear I have burned it up. Does anyone know if it is possible to burn it up and, if so, how to replace it?


Also, I am assuming that this is a resistor, but I guess I could be wrong there, too? The part of my board that is damaged is the resistor adjacent to the patch of solder labeled "Tuner/AUX in L" in the pic below (taken from this thread):


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I don't see anything obviously wrong in the picture. In fact, I'm wondering if this is a "before" image? :)


Resistors are the black chips. In the R131 example its a 10kΩ resistor. "103" = 10 & three zeroes = 10 000 or 10kΩ. If you have a multimeter/ohmmeter you can easily check. If they read higher than 10kΩ, they are blown open or otherwise kaput.

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