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97 subaru legacy jdm fog lights

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I'm looking at a set of jdm fog lights for my legacy base model. It didn't come with fog lights so does anyone know if they will fit or is it better to just do a outback bumper swap? Is the outback bumper a straight bolt on swap?


Here are the fog lights http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/19/asedutav.jpg


Here is my car http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/03/19/u7aqezym.jpg


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photo.php?fbid=10152305778458698&set=a.10152320161323698.1073741828.784838697&type=3&theaterThese Are OEM lights on mine. but im thinking they are kinda rare I dont really see them often. I just added yellow film and xentec hid kit for the head lights. My fog uses oem bulbs and they are bright and beautiful. photo.php?fbid=10152305778458698&set=a.10152320161323698.1073741828.784838697&type=3&theater



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you should uh... not be that guy with HIDs in halogen housings


Haha. light spectrum, law, etc. I would like the jdm lights with the projector. and HID in those. But for now the cops don't bother me. They shine the road better. Average people think they look cooler. And most importantly I like them. Be what you wanna be. :) back to the fog lights...


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