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So I'm pretty sure this can't work, but...


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So I just found my old AP V1, and I have all the drivers and the software installed for my computer from the disk, my only issue is I don't have a 9 pin com port on my computer (Like most of who have bought/built a computer in the past 4-5 years) On top of which I am running windows 7 home/basic whatever you want to call it, it was the el cheapo one


So my issue now is this: I have a serial to usb adapter that I bought at Radioshack, its the Gigaware brand if this helps any, and I'm trying to assess what is going on here. I shall demonstrate with pictures


Picture 1) most of us who have used the AP Manager are familiar with the various error codes the program can give, this is the one it spits out no matter what usb port I have the cord plugged into


Picture 2&3) I go to figure out where the application thinks that its plugged into (As I would have normally done on computers of yester year) Which then in turn leads me to...


PICTURE 4) So now it doesnt think that the AP in question is even plugged in to a COM port (Theres only one on here because of the cord now mind you) I already have the unit in Sync to PC mode, so if it were going to pick it up it would, its not a connection issue with the cables, I have them screwed down and secured


Pictures 5, 6, & 7) So heres what My device manager looks like when I open up the COM port section, and what the properties and advanced properties look like. If anyone has any insight as to what I can maybe do differently it would be gladly appriciated, as I am going to have my project car up and running for the first time since 2011, so I want to make sure all the previous map revisions I had installed on the car via the unit are on it again since part of the upgrades list was a new wiring harness








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Assume you've rebooted the computer first? Reason I say that is only one app can have com port open at any one time obviously and an app that's crashed but still running in the background may be holding the port open.


Failing that, there are certainly some really really crap USB-serial converters out there, I bought an expensive one (can't recall the brand, can check tomorrow at work) after getting pissed off with cheap ones (aka, crap/poorly written drivers) not working with various computer equipment (need one for work to configure various switches, routers, firewalls and other I.T devices) - the expensive one I got has never missed a beat on every make/model device I've ever needed serial access too.


If I were you go to a local computer store and tell them you'll buy one if you can test it works first.

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You never mentioned whether or not you had the driver for the adapt installed on your computer. If not, there's your problem.


If you have, I'd agree with the above assessment that the problem lies with something on your computer. If available to you, try installing everything on another computer. There's also been some issues with people running anything over XP for V1 software.

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