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Please identify this sound off my 06' GT

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I was driving home on the highway and noticed a large vacuum sound coming from the engine. Then a certain distinct sound also comes into play. It starts ~3000 RPM. Car has a stage 1 tune from the cobb accessport w/ ~83,000 miles. Is my turbo going out?


I dont know how to embed the video on here, so here's the link.



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I suspect your issue is the same as here: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/oddest-sound-under-boost-iii-222272.html


Throttle body hose attaching to the TMIC on the driver's side. There's a rubber collar on the inside and it can get blown out if the hose isn't tight enough. Some people remove the collar, but personally I would just say to put it back in place as needed and make sure you tighten the hose clamp that is there nice and tight.


If that's your issue, you should be able to see it fairly easily. If it blew out on the top of the hose you can probably just shine a flashlight there and see it with the engine cover off.

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