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Open Recall recieved for Brake Pipe Corrosion?

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Anyone else get a notice from their local dealership( mine came in the mail) or other Subaru news source for:

"Open Recall WQG43 05-09 Legacy&Outback brake pipe corrosion?"

Wondering if this is an actual real fix warranting a dealership visit or times are tough in the service bays and the dealers are trying to get some business?

thanks guys( and gals;)

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What are you implying? That the manufacture's would recall something that didn't need to be recalled so that it would drive work into the service bays? Where have you been for the past two weeks? Have you seen the Chevy Cobalt on the news? Recalls are always BAD news.


For all the sales records Subaru has put down in the past half decade there is hardly a lack of UIO's for service work.

Second, no manufacturer wants safety recalls. It erodes consumer confidence.


To answer your question, yes I got the recall last year. But if you're suspicious ignore it and see what happens. Worst that can happen is you loose your brakes. ;)

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