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Winter Car Repair after 2014 BEATING!


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Living in central PA this year we've been slammed with snow. I went to college in Maine so it's not like this is a big deal, but Pennsylvania hasn't seen anything like this in a while and although the state has done a good job keeping the roads clear my Leggy has taken a BEATING.


After sliding into a brick wall at a clean 5 MPH during a snow storm coming home from work (41 mile commute, slid into the brick sign outside my apartment building while making a very slow and gradual right turn :mad:) the car was looking good with new front end + hood.


In the coming weeks the salt/rock has left a residual mess and I have had the absolute crap beaten out of the GGM front end, side mirrors, and hood (maybe 15 total right down to the hood through clear coat and paint). I have done some research on the forum on paint chip repair but was wondering how some of you went about doing it. I have a good amount of engine experience but when it comes to anything cosmetic I am the village idiot:spin:.


Other issue is my windshield has about 8 chips in it from rocks (solid 55 miles/day on lovely route 81) where tractor trailers think the two lanes are a NASCAR pit merge. Other than safelite, are there any options on filling these small chips? They are about the size of a ballpoint pen tip, but it doesn't change the fact it really annoys me that they are there and all over the place. These are not cracks.


Overall it isn't too bad as the girlfriend says "I don't see anything, why are you so annoyed about it?" but it still makes me sad and eager to fix it once this mess of a winter goes away.


Any help/experience and direction on the best methods would be awesome.

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I try to put a good coat of high quality wax on the car before winter arrives.


Those chips on the windshield can likely be fixed free by your car insurance. Most insurance companies would sooner pay a repair guy than have to replace the windshield. Give your agent a call and ask what they can do for you.

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