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The "Oh Sh*t" handle mod for the LGT!

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One day I was after some parts on a BD at the pick and pull when I thought about how nice it would be to have another "oh sh*t" handle only on the driver's side B pillar. My LGT only has 3 handles in the interior of the car. I do not know of the SUS it the OBL wagons have a handle for the driver to assist in getting out of the car or not. So in an exploratory search behind the headliner on the roof of the car I took off a passenger handle from the rear seat on the drivers side. After removing the bracket and seeig how it attaches I went to take a quick look at the location on the pillar next to the drivers head. Low and behold there were pre drilled holes that matched the length of the handle bracket! I screwed them in and the handle worked perfect. I did the install tonight and it took me like 20-30min. You'll have to remove the moldings on the B-pillar that is next to the windshield and the one that is next to the driver's head. Next you should remove the sun visor as well. The headliner will flex downward enough for you to be able to work. I measured the passenger side handle's distance from the windshield and from the pillar in order to cut some squares into the headliner to make room go the handle install.


When cutting the squares you should allow the white plastic ends of the handle prottide out of the holes so that the headliner will move back after the install and not look pinched upwards. Just for a good idea you might want to pull back the bases on the passenger handle to see how much the ends of the handles stick out from the headliner. Easy job to do. I was using my steering wheels to get in and out of my car most of the time. I have plans to lower my car in the future so the handle is a must at a lower stance. I also just swapped out the wood steering wheel from the L. L. Bean H6 wag with the WRX airbag and I dont want to damage the new wheel with a constant beat down. New "Oh Sh*t handle" FTW!





Driver's Side blank space:



Passenger side "oh sh*t" handle:



Bracket and the handle from parts car:




Draw the spaces at the correct distances that you need to cut out:




Install the bracket:





Install "Oh Sh*t" handle:



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