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I am have been looking into buying a new car for my wife and I really like the 2013 Legacy. I was hoping to get some pros and cons from this forum. Should I look into the 3.6, or will the 2.5 still be fun for me to drive? Thoughts on safety features, navigation use, and anything else you think is important.


Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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In my opinion, the 2.5i had slightly better balance than the 3.6R, probably because of its lighter engine. However, the 2.5i was seriously lacking in power compared to the 3.6R; I'd take the 3.6R for that reason alone. I could see a good set of tires, and possibly a slightly wider wheel, making a huge difference in the 3.6R's handling. I'd recommend you thoroughly test-drive both and pick which one you prefer.


Subaru's navigation system is... well, pretty terrible in my opinion. My mom has it in her 2011 Outback 3.6R, and it's more of a nuisance than an asset. You can't use many of the functions while the car is moving (not sure if this has been fixed, but it's REALLY annoying), and the destination acquisition can be very inaccurate. If you've got a smartphone, you're honestly better off just downloading Google Maps and plugging into the aux-in so that the voice giving you directions plays through the speakers haha.


I've had no experience with EyeSight, but reviews for it have been positive (ex. Consumer Reports, for whatever that's worth haha).


Lastly, I'd recommend waiting until later this year to buy a Legacy if you're still set on getting the 2013/2014 (5th-gen) body-style. I would recommend this because the 2015 should be rolling onto dealership lots sometime this fall (probably), and you'll be able to scoop up a 5th-gen at an enormous discount.


Good luck and welcome!

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