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hearing a high pitched whistle. help!!

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the last couple days im getting this whistle when i hit boost. its not loud, just on the edge of my hearing and really high pitched. im HOPING its not my turbo but rather....i dont know anything else. could it be a sign of a vacuum leak? any ideas or things to look for/do would be great. its got me wicked paranoid so ive been driving like a granny. haha


car is 100% stock.

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yeah pull the downpipe.


you might get lucky and have it just be an uppipe exhaust leak which kind of sounds like a tea kettle.


But definitely pull the downpipe and check the shaftplay, not worth finding out it was the turbo by having it take your motor.

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If the blades are just beginning hit the housing that is the noise the turbo makes.


Mine made that noise a 1000 miles after I got the P0011 and P0021 CEL. It whined during most of that 1000 miles. I got lucky and had no metal in the oil. But the vf40 had lots of shaft play.


If you know you have no vacuum leaks, check the shaft play before you start the engine again.

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


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