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Help me pick a color scheme

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I drive a 2005 BSM 5mt GT non-limited wagon. Appearance-wise the exterior is pretty much stock. Windows are tinted and I'll eventually lower it, maybe get a front lip, and I'd like to get a pair of 08-09 Outback taillights at some point.


Anyway, on hand right now I have a set of STI Brembos and a set of 17x8 Enkei RPF1's all in need of refinishing. I'm trying to decide on colors for the calipers and wheels. I have some red accents in the interior so I could go for red Brembos and silver or charcoal wheels. Gold Brembos are always classic but the proper color is tough to come by. I'm leaning towards something more subtle and unique. Maybe a metallic green or blue-green on the brakes? Dark silver on the wheels? Maybe black brakes?


I'd love some suggestions. Nothing too wild. I'm not into flourescent wheels and I don't care nearly enough about washing stuff to pull off white on either the wheels or brakes. Black wheels are a tough sell for me, too, but I'd consider it. What ideas do you guys have?

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