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Stock Headers - Rattling Heatshields - Remove, Repair or ?


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In an effort to track down the cause of what is likely false knock being picked up by my knock sensor, I was under the car yesterday tapping away with a rubber mallet. I found that either the drivers side header heatshield or front (center) exhaust pipe section's heatshield has an annoying rattle in it. This may or may not be the cause of the knock sensor issues, but I'd still like to fix it since the noise is annoying.


I'm figuring I have three real options here:

  1. Have the heat shields removed, welded up to remove any rattles and reinstalled. This may leave them subject to future problems in other areas.
  2. Cut off the heat shields (I can't get some of those bolts to break loose even with my DeWalt impact gun) and leave the headers exposed.
  3. Cut off the heat shields and wrap the headers with thermal wrap. (Mostly to help keep under hood temps down)


I'm looking for opinions on which road to take. Any thoughts?

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I have one by the oil filter removed and I wrapped the pipe with some DEI heat wrap.


I think you can see a picture in my click here link.

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