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Which shifter bushings?


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I have a 95 legacy 5mt 2.2 awd.

I already replaced the shifter lever center return spring. In gear it still wobbles side to side.


I do know that the "sealed" bushings in the shifter knuckle, the previous owner replaced with fuel hose.


I need the cheaper suggestions in new parts please! Any suggestions would be great.


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I have an '08 Spec-B and have recently noticed that when I'm shifting while in motion from 1st to 2nd or downshifting on occasion from 3rd to 2nd that there'll be a squeak. It doesn't happen all the time and when I'm stationary at a light I can shift throw all my gears with no noise.


Anyone have anything similar happen or know what could be causing it or how to fix it? Easy as taking off the shift boot and throwing some grease down there? I haven't had time of late to try and take apart my console and see what's going on but was wondering if anyone knows what might be causing this.



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