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6 speed downshifting

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I'm not sure off of the top of my head if there is a difference in gear ratios between the '08 and the '09, but in my '09, down-shifting from 6th to 5th does very little in most situations and is really only helpful when trying to slightly increase acceleration around 40 mph. It will really depend on the situation that you are in and why you need to down-shift. From 6th to 4th is not an issue at 45-55 mph, but if you are going 70 mph or above, the change in RPM could be extreme. If you are slowing down your brakes will take on some of the job of slowing the car, and skipping multiple gears depends on how aggressively you use the brakes.
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I don't understand, popping out of 6th and wants to go into 4th ?


The tranny can't do that by itself.


I find that if I don't hold the shifter to the right when going from 5th to 6th, sometimes I catch myself putting it back in 4th.


Down shifting I don't have any problems.

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