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Clicking under acceleration during cold weather.

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Greetings, I would like to start by saying that I have searched high and low, this forum and others; I can't find the info that I am looking for...


I own a 07 Legacy, bottom of the line. Nothing special has been done to it, no aftermarket parts, just general maintenance. The issue that i'm having is a clicking noise during cold weather. Whenever the weather gets extremely cold I get a clicking sound while turning until I've driven several miles and than it won't make the noise. Which makes it difficult to get it diagnosed by someone else because once I get the the location it doesn't do it anymore. I know what the sound of a CV axle with a ripped boot sounds like and this is similar. However, I have checked all the boots, front and back, inner and outer, and they are all fine.


It does it regardless of the direction (left or right) or the amount of acceleration. It doesn't do it while I'm driving and turning around a bend, just during acceleration. The car will make the noise up through second gear. It is getting progressively worse. It has been doing this for about two months and I just can't seem to pinpoint the issue. I have a couple of questions and would appreciate any feedback.


1: Is it possible for a cv joint to go bad without the boot ripping? (I believe that it would be possible, but how would I figure out which joint it is?)


2: Could this be caused by a bad wheel bearing?



Now, I have read that it could just be caused by the temperature outside and once the grease is at a proper operating temperature it would stop making the noise; hence why it quits after several miles. But the noise seems to last longer than it did, it is louder and more temperamental then in the past. So I do see how the grease warming up would help, but because the problem is getting worse, I'm lead to believe that the issue is something else.


If I missed anything people, call me out (no grammatical corrections please:)) Ask any questions that you would have to help me figure this damn issue out! Thanks in advance.


Oh, also, this is similar to my issue, but it just kind of left me hanging...



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Yes joint can go bad without torn boot.

Possibly could be wheel bearing but should also make so whinning or humming sound at higher speeds.


Also check your front lower control arm rear mount bushing as it is most likely torn and could be making it worse. This is probably what is making the joint go bad.

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I've had a friend who is a certified mechanic look at all components of the rear and front suspension and he wasn't able to find anything wrong with them. It doesn't make any whining or humming sound at any speed, minus the normal road noise, so I don't think that it is a wheel bearing. I will check the control arms, both front and rear. Thank you for your help. When I do figure out what it is I will post the solution so others that have this issue will have an answer. If anyone else had any ideas that would be great. Thanks.
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I'm experiencing this exact same thing on my '08 spec.B. It sounds a little like a ratchet. I was thinking it might be a CV issue but in the videos I've watched the bad CV clicking seems to be different. I'm very curious to know what you find out about this.
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Hi Guys.

I was responding to see if this issue was resolved by anyone. It seems like some months have passed since the last post (and with warmer weather perhaps the problems have subsided for you) but I'm pretty sure I have the same issue.


I hear the ratchet sound when I'm accelerating or decelerating normally, but never over ~ 20 - 25 mph. With the windows down, it's really surprisingly loud. It's definitely coming from the passenger side rear wheel area.. I just can't pinpoint it, and have yet to take it to the repair shop.


I originally had thought it was a wheel bearing, but there isn't any humming noise at higher speeds like you'd expect.


Any thoughts? BTW this is a '10 impreza.. not a leggy FWIW.

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IMO its a CV joint.


Seems like you guy's still have OEM axles.


My story, last summer trusted mechanic replaced a 100% new left front axle I put in 3 years before, with a 100% new axle. as the warmer weather came, I began to hear a clicking when pulling away from stop signs with the window open a bit.


I stop by to tell him about the noise, before I can tell the story, he say's let me tell you what your hearing....short version, he's learned that its better to use a re-man axle then new. For some reason the new ones are a tad longer and cause issues.


Don't know if that helps, but if you find you have a bad axle, replace it with a remanufactured one.

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