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Do you have a 2008-2009 Legacy or Outback 5EAT?


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If so, I want to rent it from you for a month. 5EAT models only.

I would use it to test valve body upgrade revisions.

You would receive full transmission maintenance (new full-synthetic ATF), and an oil and filter change with top quality filter and oil, and any other maintenance you would like (we can negotiate what you would like). Your car will be better than ever. You will also get to keep the best valve body revision developed, making your car shift faster and stronger while giving your 5EAT longer life. The valve body upgrade alone is worth well over $600.00!


I can provide you referrals to demonstrate that I am a careful, methodical person who drives safely and treats cars and their owners with respect.


Please Private Message me for details.

[CENTER][B][I] Front Limited Slip Racing Differentials for the 5EAT now available for $1895 shipped, please inquire for details! [/I][/B][/CENTER]
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Friends, please someone, loan him your 2008+ car. It is not only for US, you will do a favor for all subaru-world!


Waiting for good news. Alexander, from Belarus (eastern Europe) and all subaru enthusiasts from Russia and Ukraine.

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