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Does your Subaru Whistle Like Mine? Video incl.

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Hey All,


Can you help me please?!?


I started hearing some strange intermittent "whistling" that at first I thought was the turbo or the intercooler leaking, but now I'm not so sure. It makes the noise under light to moderate, and even no boost at times (but only when I am moving). When I hear the noise I can usually make it go away by pressing the throttle. In the video, the sound comes in and out, this is pretty typical.


Here's a video of the sound.


Can has 117K on it, all of the work has been done by me or a friend, no real issues other than maintenance. Car still has stock turbo/intercooler and is otherwise stock... for now :icon_twis


Can you help me track down the likely source?


Thanks in advance!

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Are you thinking about the TOB? That's what mine sounded like about 40K ago on my old clutch.


Possible. If it is is should be directly affected just by touching the clutch pedal--enough enough to test. And if that's what it is it'll certainly get worse and more consistent.

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Not immediately but yes, I'm pretty sure if I press the clutch the noise goes away, but I think that's because the engine speed is decreasing. I'll double check this tomorrow to be able to give a better description/confirmation.


I replaced clutch with an exedy stock replacement and swapped to an '07 single mass flywheel and a TSK3 kit back at 80K (2 yrs ago). Ironically I do have a squeak when I press the clutch pedal that started about a year ago, I believe that is coming from wear between the inside of the throwout bearing and the outside of the TSK3 sleeve itself (shoulda used moar lube?).


I sadly don't have a way to log so I won't be able to get that information. Any other ways on how I could tell if there is a leak?


I appreciate all of the help guys!

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Mine whistles at idle. Does anyone elses?



Mine also "jingled" cause of a TOB. New clutch solved that problem for a few weeks. I didn't do the work myself, but I would hope that the TOB was replaced....I mean, I don't see why it wouldn't be.

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Fwiw, when I had the TOB chirp, it was on the exedy clutch. I replaced with a comp stage 2 and tsk3 and haven't heard the chirp since. Clutch grabs like a champ and I have some decent power to the wheels. I'll be interested to hear what the cause is should you track it down.



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Thread Update:

Found out there was a sizeable leak between the intercooler and the throttle body (hose wasn't properly seated). Found this while replacing the intercooler and throttle body hose, put everything back together correctly and no more whistle.

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