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Subaru Legacy 2.0 GT Spec B (MT Transmission) Morning Noise

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Hello Team,


I have a Subaru Legacy 2.0 GT Spec B Manual Transmission, YOM: 2006/3. I bought it with 130,000kms on the odometer and I've used it for 10,000kms.

This is my first car, I have only about 7 months total combined experience. I have ridden the clutch a good number of times. About a month ago, I used a steep road that had very slow moving traffic (~ 5kph speed), due to lack of experience I rode the clutch trying to move with the traffic until there was dense smoke from the clutch. I could see the look on other drivers' faces wondering why I was so terrible with the driving. In short, I was TERRIBLE driving uphill in traffic. I've gained experience and better now. However, I think I may have damaged my clutch because few weeks later, I started hearing a squealing/rattling sound every morning while I warm the engine. The sound stops under two conditions;


  • When the revs come back to about 1000 rpm or after 5 minutes of idling in the morning.


  • When I depress(disengage) the clutch lightly.


The sound will then be back if the car is off for more than 4-6 hours meaning I experience the same sound when I am going back home from work.


I have a number of questions.



  1. Can this problem be resolved by replacing the clutch set (release bearing, clutch plate/pressure plate? I suspect this has something to do with the clutch. I have consulted my local mechanic but my mechanic will always tell me to replace anything no matter how big or small an issue is, and I've replaced things that were not even damaged before. I want to be absolutely sure whether this problem will be solved by replacing the clutch. (I know I may have abused the clutch while learning how to drive :) but I always tell myself it isn't too bad and the clutch can take some level of abuse)
  2. If I can't avoid replacing the clutch set, where can I buy the genuine parts and get them shipped to Kenya? I got a quotation from the Subaru dealership in Kenya but I think they're way too expensive. I am trying to save money if possible.

Your polite assistance will be highly appreciated. I may be a total newbie in driving and car care but someday I will get to the "acceptable" level, so be kind when answering :lol:

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If the sound goes away when you touch your clutch pedal (even lightly) it's most likely your throwout bearing. To replace it you'll need to separate the trans / engine, and from the sound of it you should just plan replace the clutch setup while you're in there--will save a bunch of labor down the road.

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Not currently in stock :(

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As for being in Kenya, does Amazon ship there?


Your engine/tranny combo is not one offered here in America, so I am not sure which clutch model you would need- Exedy should be the manufacturer of the stock OEM setup.


But BarManBean is correct in you having a throw-out bearing issue, and if you have to replace that you might as well do the entire clutch assembly and get your flywheel re-surfaced. I am having the same squealing issue in my RS, exept it doesn't go away with warm up or higher RPMs. I have to live with it all the time when driving it......

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Thanks BarManBean and AFC_3C2 for your input.

@AF_3C2, Amazon does ship to Kenya, though I am told not to import from the US for the same reason you stated - the clutch model from the US will most likely be different because the subaru I have is a "JDM" Japanese Domestic Market type.


I have planned to change the whole clutch set. My local mechanic said he will be able to do it for approximately $616 which is better than the dealership price of $1367.

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