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Camber is off after hitting curb


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I had slid into a curb with front driver wheel a while back and when I looked at everything underneath nothing was bent. The alignment was off and steering wheel shifted. I adjusted the toe and wheel to make it more driveable. But after playing with the camber bolts I could not get the camber close to the other side, it seems the max negative camber has been reduced.


The only things I could think of were bent strut(koni inserts) or control arm, neither of which look damaged.


If anyone could let me know things that would cause the negative camber to decrease or any other ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!



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just cause something doesn't look bent, does not make it not bent. a tweaked LCA wont appear bent untill you match it up with a good one. if you can get you alignment back to normal than somthing is bent.


Very true, guess its time to stop looking and just pull it apart.


Anyone know cost of oem control arm?

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