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Keyless entry won't work but has new battery

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ok this started yesterday all of the sudden my keyless remote does not work so I replaced the battery and it still does not work. So I try to lock it manually using the power lock switch to lock all the doors but they just unlock on their own right when I hit the switch. Also with the driver car door open the chime is going off like the key is the ignition but the key is out. Is my ignition going out or is it something else? My car starts up fine no problems there just I can't lock it manually or with the keyless entry.


Any suggestions? any help is appreciated.

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After re-reading your post, and looking in the factory service manual, I think another possibility is the "key warning switch". It basically sounds like something might be sticking in the ignition key cylinder. In your shoes I might just try putting a small amount of lubricant on your key, and pulling it in and out of the ignition a few times and seeing if the door chime still goes off when the key is removed.


I know I've had a somewhat similar problem at work before, and we've had to have lock cylinders cleaned out because they were gummed up. People I work with will use their keys to cut through the tape on a box. The problem is, the adhesive residue from the tape sticks to the key, and gums up the lock cylinder that you use that key in.

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OK so I replace the switch and it still makes the sound like the key is still in the ignition when the door is open. And I can't turn on my alarm.

But there is a plug I disconnected next to the switch and the sound stopped. What is that plug? Everything works now with that plug disconnected. Any ideas?


It might be connected to this last pic.

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