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Bluetooth vs 3.5mm Aux-in


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That depends. If you're a pup with good ears, maybe. What's your source? What's downstream of your head?


Point being, listening to music in a LGT is an adventure to begin with. Unless you spend a ton of dough it likely won't make much difference. If you were driving a new Buick it would be worth splitting hairs.

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I think this is one of those "it depends" things. If you're using BT then your head unit is doing the D to A conversion. If plugged in via 3.5mm (analgoue) your phone/tablet/ipod is doing the D to A conversion. One could do a better job than the other and sound better. But I'm thinking it would be a crapshoot. Although I have a high-end system in my home and studio, I personally don't feel its a good idea to hope for sonic miracles in a mobile environment with road and engine noise and acoustics that simply don't lend themselves well to hi-fi.
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