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BWD/Intermotor Ignition Coils crappy

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So about 2 months ago I replaced the #3 coil pack in my wife's 05 LGT due to the stock one failing. Got misfires in cylinder #3 and the car would almost not even idle.


So I replaced all the spark plugs and the #3 coil with the BWD/Intermotor E1008 from advanced auto parts.


Yesterday the #3 coil pack died again. Cylinder #3 misfire. I swapped the #2 and #3 coils. The misfire moved to cylinder #2.


I got advanced auto to replace the coil under warranty and the car is back running like it should.


Now I am questing if these coils are just crappy and I am going to have replace it again in another couple months.


Anyone have any experience with these BWD/Intermotor Ignition Coils?

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BWD (Borg Warner Division)/Intermotor is a repackager of OE parts. The coils you purchase in those boxes are actually OE Subaru coils from the manufacturer. Compare one to one of your original ones and you'll even see the same molding numbers on the case.


I've used a couple of them with no issues.

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Hmmm....I've not bought any in about 3 years, but they WERE the OE parts. I wonder if Subaru could have changed suppliers in the meantime. I thought that originally they were Mitsubishi parts but maybe not now.


BWD/Intermotor is a repackager though. I've seen many different parts that even had the OE markings on them and some even in OE packaging inside of their boxes. They only manufacture for GM as their own OE parts and those generally don't have Intermotor on the box-just the BWD designation.

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