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Need help any Watertown ny members with a garage ?

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Was planning to post it up for $100 + actual shipping--honestly no idea what that would be. I found a driveshaft when I needed one for my 6mt swap for $150 at a local junkyard (well, Andrewtech found it actually), so like I said you might find one cheaper.


Happy to look into shipping if you need tho.

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Not currently in stock :(

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BMB that would be great I'm kinda in a bind as to what to do . I always carry tools with me but it's a blizzard outside right. Now and honestly have t had a chance to really look at anything. I was driving down the road and I got an abs light with er55 then about 30 mins later there was this crazy banging like underneath my armrest area it def felt like the driveshaft was bouncing like crazy so I stopped but was in no mans land no service and blizzard outside. So I put it in reverse and went slow and it felt good so I put it in first and started driving and started driving good then about 20 miles later it happend again so did the same thing . At that point I was only a couple miles away from a hotel so I kept driving but it would come and go
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Damn, not sure what happened, here's his info from my emails with him. GL it says they have one. $122 shipped 1hr away.


Shannon Banks

Sales Manager

1-800-962-7222 ext 135

AIM Shannonapauto


8572 Brewerton RD.

Cicero, NY 13039

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