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installing stock suspension issue.

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Hey guys so im installing the stock suspension in my 06 spec b with oem legacy gt suspension. Not blistens.


Is there some trick im missing with the fronts. The rears went in like cake. The fronts seem to be to long. Not only was ot a pain getting the top hat bolts to line up but with them tightened down so it doesnt fall out cause it took so long to get them to line up theres know way on gods green earth I can see the bottom matching up with the holds I feel challenged. I can barerly get the bottom of the strut over the axle.


Any tips. Ive done alot on cars at home. Trans pull, motor swaps, suspension....on mulitple cars and this is proving to be a massive pain in the rear end. So before I put a hole in the wall any tips or tricks?


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