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08 Legacy GT


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Looking to the experts on this one. I am heading out tomorrow to check out what seems to be a deal on this car but looking for feedback. The car has 108K on the clock and at 92K it had the head gasket replaced and at 95 it had the short block replaced. This is all coming from the carfax and it was all done at a Ford dealership. When i called to check on the availability of it i asked for maintenance records, they said they would give me everything they have. My concerns are there is no documentation of the timing belt being changed yet, but if they had the motor torn down i dont see why it wouldnt have been done then. Also when it says just the block was replaced it doesn't say anything about the internals, but from my past experience, no dealer would put old bad parts back into the engine. So from a maintenance stand point i am unsure, but cosmetically it is a gorgeous black on black 5MT, and its exactly what i have been looking for. If they do not have maintenance records would you suggest walking away? They have it listed at 10,800 which from what i have seen is a great price. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy New Year to everyone.
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Ford dealer rebuilding a Subaru most likely means they ordered a new SB and slapped the heads back on it and the whole engine back together. So if they cut corners they reused the old timing components but honestly at 105K no timing belt is "worn" out so at 95k it def had life.


If the body is good and the engine work solid the price is great, I assume there is not warranty so be weary of future failures and the cost associated with the repairs.


When you go to test drive take note of the clutch pedal if it is very stiff and pushed back on your foot strongly theres a good chance the Pessure plate is toast or on the way out. Thats a $900-$1k repair including parts.

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