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You should already know what most will say about the inexpensive parts found on ebay.......


I have only used one set of headers off ebay, many years ago on a GM F-Body. They worked just fine for me.

10' CTS-V, A6, Airraid, 2.4 upper, ID850's, self tuned.


SOLD:06' LGT Wagon. BNR16G, Catless UP, DOWN, Hexmods VB, Hexmods diff bushings, BIG TMIC.

Best 0-60: 4.651 by AP

1/4= 13.678@100.73 mph, 1.945 60', Automatic transmission.

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I had bought some headers off of ebay a number of years ago for a small block Ford and they were fine. The gaskets were crap, (replaced them with ROL graphite header gaskets) but the headers were of decent quality material and they fit fine. I sold the Mustang with them on it and as far as I know, they're still on there.


Buy them for $150 and see how they work. I would be curious to hear your review. The flex joints on the DS, while not optimal for flow, should make them fairly forgiving to bolt on.


To install them, you won't have to jack anything up. Just drop your undertray, remove your front O2, unbolt your UP, unbolt your stock manifolds and carefully take it loose from the engine and then put it all back in the same way. Just be VERY careful when you remove the heat shields from the manifolds so that if you don't like the headers, or if they don't fit as you hope, you can reuse the heat shields.


I WOULD wrap them though if I were you. Without any heat shielding, they'll get mighty hot and could melt your undertray.


Good luck.

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For $150, I'd, well I'd do a lot of other things first.


But if you're feeling lucky, go for it, but I'd fit those parts before spending another cent on coating them.


my experience with cheap ebay exhaust components is:


you get what you pay for.

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