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Isc n1's and camber bolts?


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I just installed triple cs in the front of my 4thgen and they dont work at all.


Im at a loss? I ended up putting the small bolts through the top of the knuckle and running the triplec's on bottom which gave me alot of slop so i just set it at max negative and cranked the bolt down and i use my top hats to adjust camber now.


Is this a reasonable way to keep the car for spirited driving?


The rear is set up with kta124 and the upper megan racing camber kit.


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it was my understanding that all aftermarket camber bolts for the front on the lgt replace the bottom bolt and work in conjunction with the stock top camber bolts. Running the bottom bolts in the top hole on the strut is bad. They could loosen mid turn and you can lose control from a sudden camber change which would be bad.
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