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Traded my 92 Auto Wagon for a 94 5 Speed Sedan!!

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Loved my wagon except for the fact that it was an auto. Since i dont have the $$ right now for a swap the next best thing was to trade.


Out with the old:



In with the New oldie:


Was also pretty awesome that the new legacy had WRX wheels on it too.

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Nice, I dig the white wagon though, personal preference all of my subarus have been white except my first gen wagon which is silver. I know what you mean though the 5 speed is the way to go for sure, nice score man.

I prefer and love white cars as well. I am currently saving for a dipyourcar kit so i can spray it white this summer.

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First gen sedans handle great! That wagon was clean. If I ever have to replace a body Ill take a trip to the northwest.


The first gen 4EATs are more fun w/power mode mod.


It's the southwest you need to be looking for cars in,

I have looked into the prices of used subarus is that area and wow they want to keep them in they're driveways.

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