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hey guys im looking for a small (in size) amp to power a 10inch sub cause i gotta try and find a small place to hide it since my air tank and like are in my trunks spare tire well can anyone help me out?


For a stealth install location, I'd recommend under the driver or passenger seat. The factory option subwoofer gets installed under the driver seat, and there's room to spare. It's the size of a small amp. Sorry, haven't kept up on the car audio scene though, so I can't make any recommendations for an actual amp.

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I've heard good things about:

HiFonics Brutus Amps


And for stealth sub box - there isn't much out there for the LGT - Either Wicked Cas or the Stereo Clarity Spare Tire Box (which is out in your case)

Wicked CAS Stealth (Passenger or Driver Option)


You could also try to contact SubThump and see if the WRX Boxes might loosely fit or can be modified?


Edit : Try Audio Integrations for WRX Boxes as well - maybe they can make an LGT version

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