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Smoke rising from hood...

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Alright you guys, I'm not to sure if his would be the right thread, but here we go. So today, my friend, who's drives an 05 legacy gt(why he's not on the forum is beyond me) encountered a problem. As we were driving, smoke started to rise from the hood. We also started to get smoke into the car, cause the heat was on outside air. So we immedietly pulled over. We checked the temperature gauage for the engine, and it said the engine was fine. Afterwards, we popped the hood. It seemed like the smoke was coming from the passenger side of the car, behind the engine. It looked like it was coming from the down pipe and cat area. Do you guys think it could be an oil leak? Another thing, he has his cv boot torn, and it's been spitting out the grease on the car, could it be that?



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If not that then check the passenger valve cover. Just had mine replaced as it was dripping oil on the up pipe.



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Leaking valve cover is very common at some high mileage.


The valve covers do leak on the passenger side but smoke usually doesn't roll out of the hood and smell bad.

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Smoke rooolled out of my hood when my VC leaked, but only because it was dripping on my up pipe and burning off. Made me pretty nervous when I witnessed it bc I thought my car may be on fire, Ha! And at the time there were no cool Honda guys with the extinguisher on the pillar nearby to come to the rescue.


You're likely right about the cv boot though.



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Updated parts list since original part-out here.


Original Full part-out of my LGT HERE!

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CV Boot

Turbo Oil Feed Line

Turbo Coolant Feed Line

Passenger side Valve Cover Gasket


Those are the possible items on that side of the car that can cause this. Most likely the CV.


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