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Difference between Turbo & NA PS Pump

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All, i have searched and searched and I havent been able to find an answer. When looking at numerous car part sites for a power steering pump and selecting my engine type, it gives me the same part number for a non-turbo car. Is there a difference or does it not matter? When I look at a new pump from Subaru, it appears there is a price difference depending on turbo vs non which is why i am concerned. Can anyone point me in the right direction of which remanufactured pump to buy? Yes I have already replaced the o ring and all the clamps.



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The pumps are the same between the N/A and DOHC the pricing difference may reflect a core charge or varying included parts like the reservoir tank or lines etc.


Many parts carry over between the two model evevn older generations, for example when Mach V ( a local great subaru shop) did my timing job and valve covers they ordered all part for a 2.5 RS IMpreza for my 2008 Legacy 2.5i. So do let that scare you just make sure your part numbers match in cross ref or exact ref.


Try Rock auto bought a PS unit from them to replace a leaky unit on a 04 WRX the part matched 2.5RS and OBS

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