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Another clutch thread

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Hello all. I have been lurking on here for a while and finally signed up. I have a 1998 Legacy L wagon 2.2 5 speed. Car has 192xxx miles and I do not know the maintenance history of the vehicle.


The clutch is starting to slip so I am going to replace it with the help of a mechanic friend. I want to make sure that I have everything I need before the work is started, so please let me know if I am missing anything.


Exedy Clutch Pro Kit #15010

Exedy Pressure Plate

Exedy Clutch Disc (225mm, 24 spline)

Release Bearing

Pilot Bearing

Alignment Tool


From the Subaru dealer:

Clips for the T/O bearing #30539AA000


Should I replace the flywheel too? If so, any recommendations on which brand, LuK, Sachs, AC Delco?


Thanks in advance for any help or recommendations.

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Thanks for the fast replies.


I found the Exedy kit on eBay for $140 (or best offer) with free shipping.


They have an Exedy flywheel listed for $90 (or best offer) with free shipping too.


I would like to stick to the same brands if possible, but I am finding conflicting information about the flywheel being compatible or not. Exedy part no. FWSBL01 Can someone (or two) please confirm that is the correct flywheel?


If that is not the right part I can get the LUK LFW123 or the Sachs NFW6605 from RockAuto for about $60 plus shipping.


Thoughts, opinions, recommendations????


Thanks again.

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I would look into the clutch masters lwfws, reason I say that is because its a couple pounds heavier than the exedy fw but right in the middle as far as transmission feedback/chatter. If you do this mod you may feel uncomfortable with the noise it makes and how slow your motor comes back into the lower revs. Some people have reported misfiring with a super light weight fly wheel, especially if you are going to run a lightweight crank pulley.


Edit: it was the ralco rz part number 10001 lwfw I was thinking about not clutch masters.

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The reason you are finding conflicting information is because flywheels are compatible with both 2.2 and 2.5 engines. It's just important to match the 2.2 clutch to a 2.2 flywheel, and a 2.5 clutch to a 2.5 flywheel. Do a quick search for clutch threads. Or, just look back, page by page, over the last few. One of the guys on here did a full 2.5 flywheel and Exedy KSB04 install to his 2.2 and picked up his flywheel for $60 from O'Reilly's.


EDIT: found it for you..


Thread - http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/clutch-opinionsi-206793.html


Also, I bought this one for my car back in the day right off of Amazon: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/EXEDY-KSB04-OEM-Replacement-Clutch/dp/B001B5EMS4]EXEDY KSB04 OEM Replacement Clutch Kit : Amazon.com : Automotive[/ame]

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GD that cheap for a full clutch kit w/flywheel.

I like Excedy clutches, I have a carbon twin disc in my Supra. It does chatter but that's normal for a multi disc or unsprung disc set up. Well even higher stage sprung discs chatter too. It's funny when I am at a light in the summer time in my Supra people pull up next to me and almost always yell " Hey your engines knocking" Or "Somethings Broke" LOL. Funny as hell sometimes. I paid about $2k for my complete clutch set up but it holds a lot of power, lasted for 4 years now and are rebuildable.

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If you're going to do the clutch.. might as well replace the rear main seal.. its a cheap part and good insurance! I just did my clutch on my 99gt. was a rewarding experience.


Leave the rear main alone!

Do the separator plate.



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Thanks everyone for your input and advice, I appreciate it!


Don't worry, I don't plan on doing the rear main seal. I will be doing the separator plate, thanks for the tip Kenny!


This is the kit I went with for my '97 2.2 wagon. Haven't installed it yet, but it was the best deal I found at the time.



I am either going to go with the kit above or the Exedy 15010 and a Luk LFW123 flywheel sourced locally.

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There are several available from a few different suppliers. I do not know how they compare to the OES/OEM flywheel, or to each other. But, I'm sure they'd do just fine. I'd search 97 to 99. I always pick '98 when I search for parts. Sachs and Rhino Pac make aftermarket flywheels, among others. Any auto parts store, such as O'Reilly's or Advance, should have decent ones available. Depending on where you live, depends on what "brand" you get. They'll have anything from a "Perfection" to "PowerTorque" clutches. I'd see what brand what's his name bought from O'Reilly's and buy that one, personally, since he hasn't complained about it at all yet.
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I would look on amazon for the ksb04 unit, they are really cheap, I bought one for my 2000 legacy for $186.sum change shipped to my doorstep in 3 days. I'm really happy with it as well, if you get a cheaper type clutch I would not use they're throw out bearings though, go oem or exedy throw out bearing. Get the wire clips oem too as they aren't provided.
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