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Black ice, hit a curb! Ouch!

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I was driving home from the store...slight snow covered roads and hit a patch of black ice and leaves on a poorly sloped turn on a roadway with no cars and slid into a curb covered with leaves.


Fortunately, no one was hurt, hit no vehicles, no major cosmetic damage on vehicle, but I crippled my passenger side front rim which has major road rash and my alignment appears to be off as I must turn my wheel nearly 45 degrees left to keep the car driving straight.



Aside from an alignment what could I be looking at? Who should I trust?

I'm guessing the dealer is not the place I should go.


The other news to report is the facts below:


I'm upset also as I never felt the ANTILOCK BRAKES engage by pulsating and was driving about 20-25mph. On the way back home I felt my car shuddering a bit with the slippery road icon (Traction Control) displaying on my dash.


I guess it is off to the dealer to find out what happened. Anyone else ever had a similar predicament? I'd hate to waste my money at a dealer that over charges with the holidays upon us....


"Sugar Honey Iced Tea" are the words for tonight!

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Here was my diagnosis:


Top Mechanic said I got lucky...and must have hit the curb flat against rim.

Told me the Subaru Dealer would have replaced everything as new and charged me

a grand total of $1400 or so...


Although I am sad that I had to dump money....but I am glad to have my car back!

Tell me if I did good or not with prices...


1) Bent Rim......................replaced with Used cost $100 (no scratches)

2) Broken (Lower Arm)...........................New cost $94.75

3) Right Front Spindle........replaced with Used cost $176.00

4) Labor...........................................................$200.00

5) Wheel Alignment.............................................$80.00


Grand Total Damage with Taxes............................$565




Mod savings plan took a hit...Gotta save again for more mods now....


If you are in Northern NJ, I would love to give this guy a shoutout on the forum.

I don't work for him but he has been doing work for me for a while when I used to drive another Japanese car that starts with the letter "H." I trust this guy who is also the owner and top mechanic. He's a straight shooter and I think his prices and work are more than reasonable. He's not the fastest but for me, he always comes through to save me.

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First, what tires do you have?


No disrespect, but I don't think there's anything wrong with your car. 25mph around a poorly sloped turn and hitting ice... stability control isn't going to keep you out of that.


I did something similar, but fortunately it was one of those sloped curbs and it just rode over top.

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Sounds like you have a trusted mechanic that you have known for years. He's the guy you want to keep going too.


I have a guy like that. I've been going to him since the early 1980's. I get some stuff done for free, others for very low cost. He takes care of me.


I had him replace my left front spindle on my 05 last year. He called me and had me get it from the dealer for my discount. It was $114 my cost. The dealer even dropped the part off to him when it came in.


Friends in the right places are better then friends in high places.



You can look up prices on one of the Vendor links in the Vendor forum here. clicl on the blue bar up top on Vendors.


Also the opposed forces link in the very first forum here is good too.

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Engine Build - Click Here

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camber is the top of the tires tipping in (-) or out (+) from the longitudal centerline of the car.


caster is the forward/aft steering angle, think shopping cart caster. More positive caster means the tire has less resistence to the road when turning, negative caster and the tire is turning into the ground. this applies to front wheels only.


toe is the angle the tire is pointed toward the longitudinal centerline of the car. zero toe, and wheel is parallel to that centerline.




Sound like you did pretty good on the repairs. Drive carefully!! :)

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Watch your wheel bearings. The last car I curbed hard, the bearing went out within 2 months.



How do you know if your wheel bearings are going or need replacing? I think they are okay. Now, Car drives fine sounds good and handles like it did before but I wouldn't know what to look for if I had a problem...advice?



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Chances are he replaced the bearing with the spindle as well.


That's a pretty inexpensive work for sure. Although I'm not sure I would have gone with all those used parts on a relatively new car.


We are in NNJ/CNJ as well if you ever get in a jam just let us know.


-Mike Paisan



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