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1999 Alpine remote unlock - continuing malfunction

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Drove to work, and then back, yesterday with no trouble. Just two hours later, as soon as I unlocked the car with the remote, it immediately locked itself again! Naughty car...

Unlocked the door manually without trouble. Tried the door switch: it locked just fine. Unlock: and it began locking itself again automatically at ~1 second intervals! Stopped doing this once I told it to lock again.


Well, fine... *drives to Boston*. Parking, I had to unlock manually, and now when I lock via remote it automatically unlocks itself. No button combination satisfies it now. My girlfriend waited, patient but hungry, as I first removed the remote battery, and then crawled upside-down under the dash to unplug the remote module.


Tried plugging it in again this morning, but it still is stuck now in the "UNLOCK! UNLOCK!" mindset...not cool for being in a city! I've got LED front marker lights, and a bit of custom wiring to replace the remote-unlock 'horn' with a buzzer + light blink... but I don't suspect either of those are at fault here.


I'm now stuck with manual doorlocks, and am looking for another keyless module to test in hopes that mine just lost its mind.

Anyone else ever hear of this? Anyone have one for sale?


I'm posing a duplicate of this post over at SL-I and SubaruOutback.org to get more input, so if you frequent both, just ignore me on the other one!


(About the mod attached to my remote system - chopped out the 'horn' cable from the remote harness to trigger parking lights and a buzzer instead. Tried disconnecting that, but I still am greeted by perpetually-unlocking doors!)

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did you take the battery out of the fob to see if it was the fob acting up and not the module? id look at what triggers the unlock/ lock functions before assuming it was the module. once you can rule out the external forces, then you go to the module.


disclaimer: neither of my subarus have security alarms or keyless entry.

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