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Where to route power cable to trunk/boot?


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If you look behind battery on the fire wall there is a rubber stopper thing(not sure what its really called), but I pulled that out and cut a whole in it and then ran the wire through there and into the footwell behind the pedals.


It is much easier to find from inside engine bay, I will try to get a pic of it tomorrow if I remember.


But you definitly shouldnt have to drill on.

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I'll go on a stopper hunt this weekend but my battery is at the front drivers-side of the car so it sounds different than yours. Here's a gut shot of a http://lbxcarlivestg.blob.core.windows.net/mynextcar-on/38743/5b31c45a-7b60-43c9-bc52-6bfc98048eef-XL.jpg. I have a manual transmission like this one too.


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Mission accomplished! However, there was no hole west of the brake booster. I think you may be referring to the hole that would be there if the car had an automatic transmission. I'll tell you what I did find though...


There is a diamond-shaped rubber grommet betwixt the brake booster and shock tower. On my car it had two lines going through it but provisions for four. The top-most position wasn't being used. Although tricky to get to, I was able to cut away the rubber cap. I then poked a 1/8" rod downwards and felt some rubbery resistance. I gave it a healthy poke and felt it break through. From inside the car you could see it poking out above and to the left of the clutch pedal through some sound-dampening. You had to lift the plastic cover above the pedals to see it. I greased up the hole and bundle of 4x 12AWG insulated wires with silicone lubricant. It went through in ten or twelve thrusts.


From there I was able to route it to the front by the fuse-panel and then down underneath the steering wheel to the centre console. From here down the passenger side of the centre-console/armrest, through a hole already in the carpet and under the carpet to the passenger side coming up and under the back seat and under rear seat cushion into the trunk. The rest is rather academic.


This was a beast of a job to figure out. I never did figure out how to remove the centre-console/armrest, but removing the two screws inside allowed it to come up enough to easily fish the power wire and five other cables for my audio system & two-way radio with remote control head.

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