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Legacy GT Oil leaking from Oil line

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Hey guys, I have a 2005 legacy GT wagon which has recently developed an oil leak. I assumed it was either due to a loose oil filter or from a faulty drain plug gasket however when I got it up on the lift today to check it out I tracked the leak to an oil line which looks to go directly into the block. The metal clamp seems to be in the right spot however its lose and can be moved without pinching the tabs together. My question is do I definitely have to remove the line and put a new clamp on there or would there be anyway I could attach any sort of clamp without removing the line? Also do you guys think I run any risk of the hose coming completely off while driving in the meantime? The hose seems to still be on there pretty tightly without the clamp but I just am not sure how much oil pressure gets built up in these lines. Has anyone else had this issue or does anyone know what could have caused this? I just find it odd that this clamp somehow lost its strength on its own! Thanks in advance!
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You'll want to replace that line, they have been know to crack and leak all the oil out.


That's not good for the engine.


Get it replaced.

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