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P1710 Torque Converter Turbine 2 Speed Signal Circuit 2 Malfunction


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I get this error code 3 times in 5 months period time.AT oil temp flashing and immediate I stop the car let it to cool down for 20 second and then everything fine for a while. The car has 58000KM.ATF changed and oil filter as well. I read somewhere in the forum about bad wiring or even a damage turbine speed sensor 2.My mechanic added ATF additive for now reset the TCU and see what happens next!!


Any comments will much be appreciate!!

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Problem gone.Full reset of the ECU and the TCU.If you experiencing power loss or battery change do a full reset first before change any transmission oil or try to open the transmission due to ATF oil temp light flashing or any error codes received
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Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to link to a fix in case someone stumbles across this post.


If you have the p1710 code, it is due to "torque converter turbine 2 speed signal circuit malfunction". This is a small HALL effect sensor bolted onto the back of the valve body in the 5eat. In the '08 and up cars it can be replaced individually without needing to replace the entire valve body.


I found the fix on subaruoutback forums here: https://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/109-gen-3-2005-2009/499945-repair-p1710-hard-shifts-5eat.html


The thread also has a couple of links where you can buy the sensor which is about $100 and looks identical to the stock sensor. There is also a DIY-type fix posted with a generic HALL efect sensor you can get from Amazon.


Hope this helps someone.

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Hi everyone.

I recently went through this frustration with my granddaughter's 2008 Legacy GT. I paid over $200 to get a sensor overnight out of Canada.


As a result of that experience I decided to make the sensor available here in the US at reasonable price. You can get it with or without the filter. See links below. Thank you.

With filter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133239156024

Without filter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133200929693

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I've gotten tons of great feedback on these parts. Thank you to anyone that has purchased to help me keep this going.


Please note that the Ebay item number for the sensor with filter has changed to 133417836227.







Thanks again!




Just wanted the forum to know that I recently ordered the sensor and filter combo from Jerry and shipping was excellent. Parts arrived as described, no hassles whatsoever.

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