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Springs, struts

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I'm pretty sure my front passenger strut is blown. It sits higher at rest and it wants to bounce. I figure, 140k on a 15 year old car...probably could use a little love. I'd like a dropped look, but not like it's going to bottom out, maybe 1" rear, 1.25" front, which the H&R springs provide. I'd also love to spend 2 grand on coilovers, but that's not going to happen. I've used KYB AGX adjustable struts with Eibach Pro Kit springs in my honda, and Koni yellows and Eibach Sportlines in my toyota...are any of these a good recommended setup for a 98 LGT? AWD might react to these differently...


any experience or recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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I can't bring that link up. But, if you look at KYB's website, they do not make AGX's. They do make the Excel-G's.


No need to look, here's a link:




Btw, if you buy the, go with WRX (non-STi) GD Impreza coils or GC impreza coils. They are the only ones that will fit correctly.

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