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96 legacy outback 2.2L possible engine swap

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I have a 96 legeacy outback with the 2.2L 5sp.


I've been thinking about possibly doing a swap and was wondering if there were recommendations?


whats a good motor to us?


whats going to be the easiest?


hoping to make my outback a bit more fun and faster.


I would appreciate your thoughts

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In terms of reliability, you've got probably the best engine/trans combo made in the entire 95-04 window. . . possibly even to date.


Non-interference, cheap and easy to work on, no slushbox.


I personally wouldn't deviate from that. . . buy a 2nd and mod it lol. . . that way you'll have something to drive when your modded car inevitably breaks or you need some widget that only exists on Nauru.

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this wont happen without huge $$


focus on suspension if your budget wont allow a wrx or sti swap... thats really the only practical way to get speed from these cars


If I can come up with $$$, what is a recommended mod to do first???



I appreciate everyones input

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aside from the obvious spring/strut or coilover option..


especially in wagons, a rear strut tower bar from a 02-07 WRX will make a noticeable difference, you could grab a 93-01 Impreza Front strut bar as well but the towers are already so close to the firewall that it wont make a difference mostly


you can grab larger sway bars from a 00-04 Legacy.. even '97+ second gen outback/GT sways are a bit larger.. upgrading these with some solid endlinks (C-shaped in rear, dogbone shaped up front) will reduce the body roll immensely


bushings, bushings, bushings- steering rack bushings from a GC model impreza will stiffen up the feel of the steering wheel


check out this link for a more complete list

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