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Good tire installer around Towson, MD?


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Any recommendations for a competent tire installer around Towson?


My rear toe adjustments are seized and I've got some steering wheel vibration at highway speeds, so I want the shop to address those issues as well.


I've got a quote from IAG for tires/mounting/balancing/alignment/fixing the toe adjustment, and they have fair prices, but they're also 30-40 minutes from my house.

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Agile Auto is probably a little closer.


I thought they weren't open on weekends, but just checked their website, and they do have Saturday hours now. Was that a recent change?


Agile's closer, but still kind of far. I was hoping to find something within a couple miles, where I could drop the car off and have one of my roommates pick me up.


Using either IAG or Agile would mean waiting with the car.


Edit - I'll almost definitely use one of those two.

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