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Reprogramming Panic Buttons


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Hey guys,

I had something i was thinking about.

Is there a way to access the car computer, and reprogram certain functions of the Key Fob?

There's the panic button, and to be frankly, i hate the thing. The number of times i've set it off on accident far outweigh the number of times i've even thought of being able to use it.

So, i was thinking if there was a way to re-program what the panic button does. My friend's BMW has the ability to roll the windows up with the key-fob, and i was wondering if anyone thought that might be possible to do with Subaru.

I'll be honest, i don't know how the two components really work, but i was wondering if there was some way to edit the code in the car that tells the vehicle to close all of the windows and the sunroof, instead of setting off the car alarm.

I know it might be far-fetched, but i figure if there's any forum that has people who have tried, or know how, this one would be it.

What do you all think?

Thanks guys

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From the digging I did a while ago, my conclusion was no. I wanted windows down from the fob.

Like your buddies BMW, my friend has programmed multiple different functions to his GTI key fob.

You should be able to do it on an aftermarket unit though.

We used to program the key fobs for air ride to pancake out before setting the alarm.

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