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VF52 06' Spec B - Cobb Socal Tune

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Hey All,


Went for it and got the parts list piled up and just got my car yesterday. Compression prior to install was 135-140's Across the board.





Access Port V3

Process West Top Mount



ID Top Feed Conversion Kit

6AN Fuel Line Kit

09 WRX Turbo Supply and Return

Cobb XLE BOV (set full recirc)

Perrin Turbo Inlet

Cobb Intake

Cobb 3 Port EBCS

Invidia DP & Q300 Quad Tip

Cobb Up



Group N Tranny Mount

Cobb Heat Shield

Cobb Double Adjust Shifter w/ Bushings

Subtle Alternator Cover

Rebuilt Spec B Suspension Front & Rear Sways Stock Springs


305 WHP / 310 WTQ


Was going to get an E85 tune the same day but it my fuel filter needs replacing. So I'm going back in a few weeks to switch to corn juice





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That's plenty of torque and ponies for a 4 cylinder. Any problem stopping, or slowing it down on the streets ?


No problems slowing down, got new pads installed recently and do a good amount of engine braking as well. Also didn't take long to realize I can't get on it in the same spots I used to. Pick my spots carefully now for hard second gear pulls. Thoroughly amazed with the PW intercooler. Right side is cool to the touch after hard pulls. Only have been able to get the injectors to 60% duty even on the hardest pulls at my 18 psi target. Curious where they will be when on corn.

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Be careful engine braking with the 5 speed. The transmission case swells under load and has been know to POP gears.


I think it's usually too much torque or shock loading the gears that makes them pop...

I have engine braked all the time with my 5 speed and it's fine. Last fall it saw 350wtq no problem.

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The transmission case swelling are for every 5 speed from 05-09 LGT and 06+ WRX (They use the same transmission).


I agree with the shock and torque comment. I just remember reading a few threads about transmissions popping gears when putting them under high stress loads. Something to think about.

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