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LGT test drive


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So there is a local 2005 lgt with 82000km (not miles)

It was traded in at a subaru dealership, likely 1 owner (haven't checked yet)

And it's a 5mt non limited


I've never driven a turbo car and I haven't been in a turbo in many years (I don't know much about them)


How should I drive the car when I'm test driving it? (Boost around everywhere any anywhere?)

When should the turbo kick in and when should I shift rpm wise?


I know If I'm serious about getting it I should get a compression and leak down test done and if I do that what kind of results should I be expecting (how do I understand the numbers they'll give me for cylinder compression)


How do I check the turbo for shaft play?


Thanks guys for any help

I'd really like to buy my first turbo

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Hey there,


At that mileage the car should be in pretty good condition. With these turbos expect the boost to come on around the 2500-3000 rpm mark, hitting full pressure around the 4000ish mark. Shifting you can do where ever you like so long as it's not over into the redline. Like most engines the best position to shift in is as late as possible to keep the car in the power band.


For a compression test you're looking to have the compression pressure in each four cylinders the same (or within about 5psi). The actual pressure from engine to engine can differ quite a lot - mine had 125psi in all 4 cylinders while I've heard some have had about 140psi. If the pressure is 100 or lower then that's probably low enough to be thinking about why.


To check for shaft play in the turbo you'll need to have the car jacked up and unbolt the down pipe (first section of exhaust piping after the turbo) and the shaft will be right in front of you. Ideally there should be no play at all.


Good luck!

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Have it reach proper temperature for at least 10 minutes or so to ensure the oil is up to temperature. Then drive the hell out of it. You should see 12+psi for boost. If you only see 8psi, walk away; the car is in limp mode.



You should listen for a whine that comes on in 4th gear. When you let off the throttle it will disappear. This is indicative of a transmission problem: transfer drive and transfer driven gear bearings are in need of replacement ($USD 150 in parts, ~$800 for the job). I did it myself in the garage with some basic tools and a shop press - YMMV.

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Awsome stuff guys

This kind of info is exactly what I hoping to get


I think i'm gonna go after work on Friday to drive it.



I currently drive an 06 2.5i BSM Auto wagon so not much similarities to this new car except that they'll both be BSM. that would make for lots of sweet pics :)


Thanks a lot guys and any more info is always appreciated

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Buy aan extended warranty (2 years) and no need to worry. Probably cost an additional $2k but worth piece of mind.


Trust but verify a Carfax report. Look around engine bay and trunk for signs of seam repair (new caulking like stuff) if you get a car repaired without going through insurance = No carfax report


Good luck



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The add states it has a clean car proof and with the condition it's in from the pics I'd say maybe an older owner who just drove it a-b.


It doesn't look like theres a single mod but is there a way to tell if someone's hooked up an accessport (Cobb or whatever) and tuned it?


I'm 99% sure it won't have been tuned but is there a cable or port what I could check for signs of wear?


I might go tmw now since Friday is looking busy...

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There is a cable port in the drivers foot well but I doubt you'd see any signs of wear even if it had been used. It would be pretty hard to tell if it had a tune but if someone took it to stage 1 then it might not be a bad thing - it's often noted that a stage 1 tune is better for the engine than the stock tune.
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I called the dealer and they said someone was on there way from 2hrs away to look at it


I dont want to be put on the spot and have to choose whether or not buy it infront of another potential buyer.

I was hoping to make an offer a little under asking but that wont happen if theres 2 of us there wanting it.


I'll call tmw morn and if its still there I'll go look.

of course it sits on the lot for a month with no action and then 2 ppl want to see it at the same time on the same day...

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oh I know thats a tactic

But i've been that guy before handing over a check as the next guy rolls up to view the same car for sale. Thats how I got my first Legacy

After work, on a friday, I wasnt gonna drive across the city to have that potentially happen to me


I want this car but dont NEED it so I should probly get something cheaper... but if this car is as good as it seems than its a really sweet deal for something I want so I would jump on it

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Just wait and see what happens if you're not certain. I was initially going to get an 07 5mt GT but the dealer sold it out from under me, even after a verbal agreement.

Next dealer did the whole there's someone else interested even though the car had been sitting on the lot for 4 months with no interest. Luckily I already knew I was going to buy.


Just don't trust them or let them pressure you, make the low offer if you're that interested.

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