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so my throw out bearing took a poo on me.....


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i have a 2010 Subaru legacy 2.5i. I just need to know what is the amount of tranny fluid I need to replace into the tranny, what type is recommended, when replacing the clutch( which I am doing as well) what do I need to look for when it comes to the pressure plate and flywheel, and whats the easiest way to get bolts out of the header/ muffler connection( I broke one of the bolts off, and another ended up seizing from the bolt and stripping off into the header.....
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A cut off wheel from Harbor Fright is your best bet for cutting off the broken bolt.


Just get a bolt nut and washers from the auto parts store to replace them or hardware store.


You don't need OEM stuff there.


Use anti seize compound on all nuts and bolts when you put them on.


Check the 5th gen forum. I don't think there is much for your car in this forum.


In the general forum below there may be thread with the service manual in it. Look for vacation pix.



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