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Help me for the love of (insert deity here)!

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Hey! i bought a 97 sedan and im working up the cash for a swap to the twin turbo'd 2.0 but i cant find anything. i honestly see so much potential in this car and i want to show the car world that 2nd gens aint nothin to **** with! haha. but honestly heres the stuff im looking for ( to be clear im not able to spend 6000 on an engine here im saving up everything i can :icon_sad:)


Aftermarket headlights:


Coilover suspension:


Jdm Motor:


Six Speed Manual Trans:


If you have any suggestions ( body modifications, interior changes, etc.) I would love to hear about them!

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Just read this.... http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/second-gen-aftermarket-parts-and-upgrade-guide-superceded-147261.html


And search "bg bd legacy" or "jdm legacy" in ebay.


Also check rpmgarage.com every now and again.


The only thing you can do cosmetic wise is JDM trinkets or getting creative.


you'll notice alot of GC impreza and GD impreza/wrx things fit this car.


If you are doing a turbo swap, expect to change out subframes with a turbo car and merge harnesses in the least.


Depending on what you want out of it ( showing that 2nd gens are nothing to f!ck with) you'll need extensive fuel/engine management.


Some guys on here have the funds to do these swaps. Some don't. Just don't get ahead of yourself and you'll be ok.


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with..

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