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Electrical pigtail repair?

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Has anyone actually successfully repaired a pigtail connector? I'm pretty sure the connector to the knock sensor on my 2.2L is done for. I keep getting a code that comes and goes, and I'm 99.9% sure the sensor is fine, as it gave me no problems on my 2.5L. After double checking the orientation of the knock sensor (60 degrees relative to the rear) I noticed I was missing quite a few strands of copper right behind the connector, on the wiring harness side. Not cool.


So, is it possible to re-wire these connectors? I can't seem to find much info on Google, all the results seem to be vehicle specific, with little details. Or is there a replacement connector that could be ordered somewhere? A little help would be great, I'm awfully close to being free of any CELs ;)

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If you get the right size pin connectors, you can


If this is really the issue...


Take the old plug that goes to the knock sensor and get a pick or thick sewing needle and push the pin connections out from the front towards the back.


You may be able to reuse the old pin pieces. Crimp them on the amount of new wire you feel you need to replace, and get the corresponding amount of butt connectors and tap into the harness.


You NEED to use the same gauge wire for resistance reasons for it to function properly.

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