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WRX STi tS type RA


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I can't help but think a 40k sti with even 10k worth of work would be faster then a 80k sti type RA. It would be cool to own though


You could make a stock sti fast as piss with 10k, and have a couple grand left over for hookers and blow. I hate this trend of designing some badges and a paint scheme and "suspension tweaks" and marking up the price ridiculously. The Europeans and Japanese are the worst offenders

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99.999% of the US Subaru market couldn't afford that car.

As awesome as it would be to have that model available here, I don't think the US is ready for a $80k Subaru.

Prices range from 4410000 to 5082000 yen (a little under $44k to just over $50k $US)

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