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Engine Replacement Pensacola Florida... Help!


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Hey guys I need a bit of help here...


I just got stationed to NAS Pensacola, in Florida, and my car now needs a new engine (piston blew), or at the very least a new short block.


The dealer (Anderson Subaru) quoted me at 5200 plus tax for the new short block, a new timing belt, and installation (and miscellaneous parts).


Does anyone know of a specialty shop in the area that I could look at to see if I could get a better price? Or if there's anything else I can do in this area?


Heck I think I might even be willing to just sell the car without fixing it if someone would give me a half-decent price for it...


Thanks for the help!

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Is it a wagon or sedan? Auto or stick?


Sorry I can't help there, I don't know P'Cola well but I did spend some time in Lancaster (unfortunately!!! except for the Big Tuna)


The auto hobby shop on base should know some good local places. Maybe check on NASIOC to see who is local in the area.


If I were there we'd swap the engine over a few beers :)

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