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Matching gears.


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First off, I hate how much time I'm spending in this portion of the forum. My subi has been down for about 8 months now. Being a poor college student, its hard to get the funds and time to work on her when I live 6 hours away. (Car is in NJ, live in Va Beach area)


Scenario: 07 Legacy GT 5mt

Snap ring on center differential unit went, eating a couple gears in my trans. After replacing the unit, gears, and bearings, the rear diff was broken (dad forcibly turn passenger side rear axle trying to put the axle nut on).


Brought the car to a local transmission shop. They suggested an 05 rear diff they sourced from a junkyard and I agreed thinking it would be fine. Paid just under 1100 and the car started binding again in about a week. Brought it back and the mechanic said there was chunks in the trans fluid.


To my current understanding. You must match gears or else terrible things happen to your car.


2007 Legacy GT rear diff:3.90

2005 (and 2006?) Legacy GT rear diff:4.11

Can someone verify?


The job was done in February but I am going to talk to the shop today. I feel as though I might have to get a lawyer involved.. :confused: The shop has a 3 month 3k mile warranty, but I don't know if that applies to them messing up.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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